Thursday, January 21, 2010

Progressive Survey #12

#12. Who are the teachers who inspire you?

I mentioned one yesterday - a professor in college who was challenging but also really fun and well-liked. He has a great sense of humor to make class interesting while simultaneously questioning students & making us think. There was a "Triumvirate" of professors at college that I looked up to & got to know, and they all had that in common - challenging but fun & entertaining - and I want to emulate that. Another teacher was my 7th grade language arts teacher who I adored. I wasn't afraid to be weird & silly around her, I'm not sure why. I can remember content a little...but mostly I just remember adoring her and thinking she was wonderful. She took an interest in me - complimented my writing, recommended books, etc. I try to remember her and how she made me feel when I'm forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone and be engaging.

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