Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Those Puritan schoolmarms were rough

Belated Thanksgiving present from me to you. I'm sure the Pilgrims had pdfs and research papers at the first Thanksgiving, right? Yeah it's a holiday, but I bet those little Pilgrim punks still had schoolwork to do.

More student samples! (first set here)

Zodiac Killer - Detective Log
Charles Manson - Interview

Anastasia - Newspaper/Journal
Black Dahlia - First Person Short Story

Flying Dutchman - Captain's Log
Bermuda Triangle - Journal

Harry Thaw/Stanford White - Diary
Rasputin - Memo

Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson - Interview

Bigtfoot - Journal/Report

Yeah, it's a lot. I wanted to show you a range of formats. You can see why I think reading their research papers is FUN!!

p.s. sorry for the delay


  1. I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing. You have some impressive students! I also teach sophomore English in a very small town. It's amazing how their writing capabilities vary so much.

  2. RKS - Glad you like it - and if you want to use it, all the better. I would say, though, that remember these ARE honors students. But honestly, even with my standard students, I was sometimes surprised at what they would produce! :) I think it's the topics - they just really get into 'em.

  3. Do you have a cumulative list of topics?

  4. RKS - I do! The list that is most readily acceptable to me is one that has been edited from the original source based on what our library offers. I will go dig through my files and find the longer, more complete list :)