Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Round of Goodbyes

Thursday I gave my peer mentor (aka Teacher Assistant) her early graduation gift and a little Christmas present (gift cards to Target and Barnes & Noble respectively) with a little thank you card. She is a true gem, and I wish her all the best. I know we're not supposed to give presents to our students, but our relationship is obviously a little different than my other classes. She gave me a little hug and thanked me ("You're going to make me cry!" she said).

Friday was going away party day and boy did the kids bring in some yummy goodies! Besides the yummy food, we played plenty of games infused with a little nostalgia. First period gave me a little card; third period shared a "remember us" video one girl had made - she even went to some fellow teachers and got them to say a few words - made me positively misty; fourth period I played a round of spoons and watched the whole class play Apples to Apples together (I took a picture for posterity); fifth period I got out early on a round of spoons and then played Apples to Apples, FINALLY winning one green apple card (but even then the sweet girl gave it to me out of pity!); and sixth period I watched some rounds of spades and Apples to Apples and tried to stay away from the food.

It was great to have some fun with them. I'm going to miss these little punks. I know I've been cutting a little loose with them the past week or so, partly because that always happens around the end of the semester and partly because I just want to have fun with them.

Monday we'll finish watching Dead Poet's Society (we started pieces of it this week in First and Fourth periods) and have midterms. Then it's goodbye for real.


  1. Do you do anything "Englishy" along with the Dead Poet's Society movie? I've always wanted to show that in class, but of course I have to "justify it" to the admin.

  2. I'm thinking it might be a great way to introduce poetry at the beginning of the next 9 weeks to my sophomores...any ideas??

  3. At the moment, no, I'm not really using DPS like I should. More along the lines of "absorb this and let it simmer in your brain." Like letting them read a book for fun. It has enough value on its own that I'm not really "doing" anything with it.

    Now, it's the end of the semester and I know I can get away with that. Ordinarily, I would be squeezing all value from it. And in fact, it does have a lot to offer a teacher who wanted to use it in a poetry unit. In fact, as I was watching, I tried to make mental notes of particular scenes that could be used for clips; even if you can't get the whole movie shown, there are definitely plenty of 5-10 minute clips that would be beneficial.
    Here are some sources I found that I would recommend: