Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our lucky winner!

Hm, well that was hard! haha Soooo our winner is...

Elizabeth! Congrats! To answer your question, I chose this book for a variety of reasons. One is that I felt like it had a lot of layers to it. I think I could easily re-read it in a few years and see new things in it and be able to repeat that process for years. I liked the voice of the narrator -- it was simple and real, yet riddled with imagery. It's thoughtful and loving and honest. The father reminded me of Atticus Finch (aka Gregory Peck), and who doesn't love Atticus?! I wanted to speed through the ending, the tension was so thick, but I made myself read slowly and not skip ahead. I wanted to do it justice! Ultimately, it just made the strongest impact on me. I closed that book and breathed, "Wow." It was just great.

I hope I haven't built it up too much, now! ha! I hope you can enjoy it. Although I might hold is hostage, making it necessary for you to come visit in order to retrieve your winnings.

But that was fun, y'all (yeah, I said it). I would definitely want to repeat this next summer, if you can stick around that long. I promise to read the books faster next time. Thanks for the suggestions! Maybe we can do this again sometime.


  1. I agree! You SHOULD hold it hostage, and I will come visit you! Or you can come visit us. =) When is a good Saturday in October to hang out??

  2. Also, I'm so happy to win! Thanks for randomly picking me! WOO! =) I feel so lucky.