Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bragging Rights

I am SO proud of this door - and I didn't do any of it!

Every year for homecoming there's a door decorating contest. Usually I lose track of time and don't have a door done on time. I usually had some talented or half-motivated kids working on it, so it was okay, but they didn't get very excited about it. This year, however, my first period REALLY got excited/motivated, and I had two great artists and two great scrapbookers.

My artists got a picture of the dog and drew it by hand (yeah - no transparency - just using a picture to free-hand/sketch it!!) and then my two scrapbooker girls cut all the background paper & letters & added the bowl. Picture doesn't do the dog justice (copied from a Tom & Jerry still).

I have seen a lot of kids stare at it as they walk down the hallway, point it out, and comment. Love! So proud of my kiddos. :)


  1. Great job. You should be very proud. Wish I had such innovative kids.

  2. Aw! So cute! Good for them! (Any chance you'll change your comment form to the one that pops up? This one doesn't work in Firefox and it drives me crazy. :)

  3. Teachin' what version of Firefox do you have? I use firefox and it works for strange. But certainly I could can look into that :)

  4. Hi!
    As a subscriber of your xanga page (and fellow teacher), just wanted to say that the Thomas Curruthers quote is one of my favorites! I have it posted on the wall in my apartment.
    I love the door btw! You should be so proud of your kids!

  5. This door looks awesome!! Whoo.. I would love to do something like this! Great job!