Friday, July 31, 2009

Well, I'm the only one here -- #38

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?"

You better be. We can only assume you're the only one out there.

I've spent the past 2 weeks devoring new literature like my library membership is going to expire*. I am unashamed to say that I love Young Adult (YA) fiction - I read it partially to get recommendations for my students, but I also just plain ol' like it. I guess because there's an element of predictability there. I know that (a good) YA book will deal with deep or heavy conflicts, but in a sensitive, usually hopeful way (how cruel would it be to leave emotional hormonal teenagers with no hope?!) and in a focused, subtle-but-not-too-inconspicuous manner. Yes, there's the stereotype of the clueless adults and EMOtastic protagonists to deal with, but once you accept some of those facets as genre staples, it's really quite delightful. It also doesn't hurt that the reading style allows me to zip through them. I love the thrill of a new read.

And if you like bossing people around**, here's your chance. Post a comment telling me the title of one book you think I should read next...and I'll do it. Just make sure to give me the title & author, so there aren't any mixups!
Now, for the FAQ:

"Do you have any stipulations?"
Just one: a recommended book you think I could also recommend to my students (i.e. do not tell me to read the newest Danielle Steele or classic Charles Dickens. Ain't happenin', homefry.).

"Does the book have to be YA lit?" No, not at all! I am fortunate in that I have advanced students so many are venturing into the foray of adult literature, for example: Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, Anthony Burgess, James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks. I would simply like to be able to recommend this book comfortably to a 15 year old and/or place it on my classroom shelf.

"But, does it have to be a book I've read?" Nope! Is there a book you've been meaning to read but haven't gotten to? A book you've heard a lot about? A book you are uncertain about reading and need a guinea pig test subject? That's fine! I'll share a brief review over whatever books I end up reading, so I can help ya out a bit, if any of the above is applicable.

"What if you've read it before?" I have no problem re-reading books. You can usually find something new the 2nd time around. If you're worried about it, though, you can check out my "read" list on to just double check. sure to check in again
because I'm going to do a FUN contest/giveaway
in regards to the books I've read.

Now, in all seriousness, this next little game ain't gonna work unless you lurkers de-lurk, stop in briefly and agoraphobically, then run home. So, take a deep breath...and hit comment. Otherwise, I'm the only one talkin' to me!

*note: for you non-bibliophiles, that is sarcasm. public library memberships are free and do not expire.
**note: this is also ironic. you are a teacher. i already know you like to boss people around.

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  1. I am going to suggest:

    *The Inkheart series (Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath) by Cornelia Funke
    *The Vampire Academy series (Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadowkiss) by Richelle Mead
    *The Host by Stephenie Meyer
    *Anything Dan Brown has written would be good
    *The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester
    *The Uglies series (Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras) by Scott Westerfeld
    *Heroes: Saving Charlie by Aury Wallington
    *The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

  2. Ditto the Uglies series - loved those.

    Also, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher and The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin. Both are pretty intense, and totally worth reading and recommending.

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  4. The House of Night series by PC Cast & Kristin Cast. (Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted and the sixth coming out in Oct. is Tempted).
    Even those who don't care for the Twilight series will enjoy these books.

  5. Peace Like a River by Leif Enger
    Slam by Nick Hornby
    Meg McCafferty's Jessica Darling series
    The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread by Don Robertson