Thursday, July 23, 2009

Votes - Post #35

Thanks to those who gave me feedback & voted! I like to hear other thoughts and know I'm not alone in my ideas. It's not that I'm the only teacher at my school NOT giving out a cell phone's just that there are a few teachers I respect/want to respect who do, and I feel a bit conflicted about it. But besides that, I like to engage in debates/discussions!

So, thanks again for your comments & feedback. I loved hearing from you. Overall, it seemed that most people (53%) felt the way I did - no way should you be giving out your personal cell phone number. 30% said that maybe sometimes it's okay, but only for special circumstances. 7% thought it was okay, no strings attached, and 7% explained their conflicted thoughts in a comment. I still have the poll up, in case people stumble across my blog between now & the end of the month, but there hasn't been much activity on the poll lately, so I thought I'd talk about results.

I mentioned Facebook & Myspace in my post also, which in retrospect, would be a topic on its own. If you don't remember my opinion on them, you can probably guess, just based on how I feel about cell phones! As one reader pointed on in her comment (thanks, Kellea!), you can't always control how other people will handle your information. You don't know how they will interpret it, and you don't know how they will share it.

So, fellow teachers, I just want to remind you: even if you think you are being careful, consider how someone else might use the information who ISN'T being careful. As I used to yell out to my little brother when he was going on a date, "MAKE SMART CHOICES!"

Are you interested in hearing what others think about additional education "hot button" issues? Let me know!

*edit 8/16/09* By the time the poll closed on July 31, a few more votes came in but the percentages didn't change drastically. 52% said no way, no how; 31% said maybe, for a team; 0 said ok with phone but not texting; 10% said sure, no strings attached; 5% said their opinion different & would explain in the comments.

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