Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Room exhaustion - Post #37

Do you have to pack up your room at the end of the school year? Some schools do, some don't. Ours does because they have to wax the floors. I know it's one of the more frustrating aspects of returning to school - we have these crazy, chaotic rooms but we're stuck in Beginning of the Year Logistical Meetings all day. Another one of those times that teachers have to come in on their personal time because a teacher workday doesn't actually,

I finally hit up my room today to assess the damage. Not too bad, actually. While 2 bookshelves were on the opposite sides of the room than they needed to be, the custodians at least tried to put my desks into rows when they returned them after waxing. Isn't that nice? Unfortunately pointless, though, because I ended up having to shove them to the side and create an aisle to draaaagggg my desk up to the front after playing the "Parallel Parking with 3 Stiff Wheels" game with my computer/TV stand. Still, a nice gesture.

So, I pushed & pulled & realigned & shifted things into place in my room. It's a different setup - I used to have my desk at the back, but now I have it in a front corner. It really opens up the back of the room for moving around, so that's a positive improvement. All in all, I spent a good 2-3 hours at school, moving furniture & unpacking. There's still a few details to work out, but they can wait until next week. Two former students (who are now the field commanders for marching band, huzzah!) stopped by. I felt bad because I was on the phone and would have liked to chat w/ them, but I was in the midst of explaining to my husband the details of my hellacious doctor's appointment that morning. I plan to go out of my way tomorrow to stop by the school and visit band practice. Just to remind them that I still like them...and maybe even miss 'em a little.

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