Monday, May 25, 2009

Post #26 - Happy Tales

This is belatedly taken from my personal journal, dated Thursday, May 14.

  • Re-reading Fahrenheit 451 and talking about it with my students this week was awesome. We only had 4 days, and I so could have done more with it. But I LOVED talking to them about it...golly, I love that book. Today they had a student-led discussion...I especially love those, too. Sometimes it's hard to bite my tongue and stay out of it, but I love hearing/seeing them take ownership of the discussion and ideas. They even shush each other to hear what a commenter is saying - LOVE IT.
  • Today my non-advanced-honors students had a trial for Brutus. They were pretty funny. My Brutus in third period was hysterical - I was on the verge of tears by the time he finished his "post-trial CourtTV" interview. He had been found guilty and the interviewer's first post-trial question was "How do you feel about the verdict?" His face was PRICELESS. That alone made me burst into laughter. He had this tired & disbelieving expression of Is she seriously asking me this? "Well, I'm not happy," he responded flatly. The entire time, his facial expression and comments were so dryly in character ("Excuse me now, I have to go get ready to die."), the whole class was cracking up. Other kids kept looking back at me, I think to see if I was taking it humorously or getting annoyed. Oh there was no way I was keeping my face straight. It was one of those moments where I think, "These kids are so freaking fun. I LOVE MY JOB!"

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  1. "These kids are so freaking fun. I LOVE MY JOB!"

    Me too! Aren't those days the best?