Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post #6

Let's return to those posters, shall we?

Objective: Synthesize learned information

I've set forth a general purpose for this particular activity because it's so versatile! You can use these to have students teach and review material. In addition to what you'll see here, I've used it with grammar and poetic devices at the beginning of a unit; that way, throughout the unit, students can look up at their posters to say "Oh, yeah!" I encourage them to use these to "cheat" when I'm asking questions or they're completing activities. The more they refer to it, the more they refresh the concept!

For this particular application, my students were studying propaganda techniques while reading Animal Farm. Each group had to choose one of the propaganda techniques we had studied and make a poster for Animal Farm, either from Napoleon's campaign or from Snowball's/Human's campaign. They presented the posters and classmates had to identify which technique was used. Correct answers received candy, supplied by Mrs. P. (another classroom strategy: get them to bring candy in for extra credit, so you can give it out for correct answers. The punks darlings will do anything for some sugar.)

Every time I use the posters strategy, the students have fun, and it comes through in their work.

Source: My SHS co-worker's poster idea, my adaptation to

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