Monday, February 9, 2009

Post #3

More technology...

As promised, I'm delivering another little technology tool that I discovered. This one is purely for you, teacher, although you could use it to convey links to your students. offers you an online database where you can sort & organize all your important links. It enables you to save & organize all your lesson plan webpage ideas in one place! I found this at an in-service our county mandated for new teachers, and it's one of the few things they offered that I use regularly. I am forever gleaning ideas from the internet; my bookmarks sidebar became increasingly cluttered as I tried to keep everything organized & saved. Portaportal is better. The layout is just a little bit more file-friendly than "my favorites," though it's essentially the same idea.

Take a peek at my links on the right. Go on, give 'em a quick click - what will it hurt? I've put the my most frequently-employed webpages in that toolbar, and I promise they're awesome. They're my number one recommendations to my fellow colleagues when they ask for lesson plan ideas. In that list is my portaportal, so you can see what I'm talking about here. Just give it a shot; I promise: it's fab-u-lous.

Source: County in-service

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